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Jeff Sullivan is an artist and musician from Connecticut. His work is Inspired by oneness, nature, shamanism, and spirituality. His visionary meditative artworks are a reflection of universal connection, love, and sacred reality generated into writhing sine wave mosaic frequencies.
His musical training at the Hartford Conservatory is embedded  in his artworks as he pushes to convey meaning that is a visual representation of sound and vibration.
The circle is a reoccurring theme as it represents wholeness, or oneness. These circles are  nested together in succession to create sine waves and intersecting pathways  throughout the compositions. Much of his work is painted on reclaimed materials , mostly wood. The intention to honor the tree that was once a living being is of utmost importance. Honoring brings new life into the tree through creative action and sacred intention.                                         
The  black background represents the void, or emptiness. It is the motif for the inner space of being. Creating an empty fullness in between and around the forms and the use of negative space is of primary importance.
Many of his works contain an almost "digital" appearance  due to the jet black backgrounds, spaciously precise dotting and super high spectrum of color.
They are writhing reflections of various inner and outer states of consciousness painted with loving meditative awareness, and sacred intention.

“May all of our love, effort, energy, creative inspiration, and highest aspirations be of service to our community and a world desperately in need of healing for all time. ” – Jeff Sullivan

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Jeff is a drummer of many, many years. He is an educator and Graduate of The Hartford Conservatory majoring in Jazz. 
The musical arrangements and compositions are created by his project Jagata. With long time friend and bassist Dylan Cram they push the envelop creating music that is heavily primal in nature. Embodying progressive, tribal, and rock elements. They are weaved together creating a hypnotic, poly rhythmic, soundscape experience. Categorized as "psychedelic post rock" they have created  albums of seamless interlocking movements which personify the elements of FIRE and WATER.

This artwork is the visual fabric of sound and cosmic expanse. The visions that come through are a reflection of appreciation for existence and a mapping of spiritual journeys, the greatness of love, and the reality of eternity. Celestial pointillism predominately clusters the black panel, which represents the void or emptiness. Each aboriginal circle is a Bindu, or seed of creation, functioning as a cell within the structure of a loving universe of refracting rainbow mosaics.
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