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Discernment of sound and light from a Black Canvas




It is said that absolute darkness is the absence of light, or wicked maybe even evil.

In most stories of creation there is a darkness where light and sound emerge in order to convey various types of energies. Some seen and not seen, some heard and not heard.

Most people are aware of the normally seen and heard but there's so much that can not be seen or heard unless there is an instrument that can receive and convey unseen energies and translate this energy into a tangible form of expression.

Such vessels in the natural human world are rare.

Jeff Sullivan is an instrument that has taken darkness and weaved it into works of art that embody resonant qualities of sound and healing energy vibration.


Jeff is a soul that was born in a town of New England where his love for nature was instilled in him from birth. To walk trails and be amongst the trees, animals and sounds of the the winds, birds, and running streams. To see the different hues of the sky, the wonder of it all.

His love of energy, music and various sounds engendered in him a love of drumming.

In his early adult life he attended the Hartford Conservatory to study music and drums in particular unknowing how this would inspire creative works someday. Jeff's life path was directed as a life inservatued as a single parent of two young children and working as a caregiver for those who could not care for themselves, people with profound mental and physical disabilities such as, psychosis, autism, blindness, and schizophrenia.  

Jeff had to wear a mask that hid his pain of knowing that he was not fulfilling his path to growth in his lifetime. He began to slowly sink into an abyss where he tried to alter his consciousness, falling further into addictive influences which lead to depression, chaos and despair. 

This negative whirlpool then brought illness, disease, and nihilism. After sometime in this state these compound feelings led Jeff into a self induced hallucinogenic state of incomprehensible dissolution from the mind and body.

In this near death experience he slipped in an ineffable abyss, somewhere beyond language and form the darkness absorbed the light.

Jeff found himself in an enigmatic episode. An awakening, a type of resurrection where out from the darkness Jeff experienced the energies of creation from this darkness and was inspired to convey these energies of vibration and color from the darkness in the form of art.


Jeff starts on a black panel which represents the void, or emptiness. His musical passion of drumming led him to merge the circular shape of the drum, and the vibrant colors the psychedelic expanse to convey energies transmitted in plains that only he could receive. This conveyance led to continuous healing and search for a higher sense of being.

A type of work that has brought Jeff's path to focusing on being one with nature, cleansing his body and expanding the awareness of the soul. Which is realized in the chronological order of his work.

In Jeff's work there is integration of various mystic traditions, ancient wisdoms, higher dimensional beings, meditative states, and Cardinal truths. Done with the balance of complete darkness of the Black Canvas to bright and vibrant colors to convey his translation of the creative story and journey of awakening. 

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